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I answer emails normally within a couple of hours and small website changes can in most cases be completed the same day. You can get a fixed price quote for some or all changes. I only ever recommend features functionality and marketing that will benefit your business. If I don't think something is or will work for you then I let you know ASAP.

About Me

“Building websites for your business. And business for your website.”

You might be a one man operation. You could be a large scale business. Whether you’re interested in building a full ecommerce site which sells hundreds of products, or want a much smaller site designed to attract customers and showcase your brand, I can help.

Profitable Websites – Websites that Make You Money
Chances are you’ll want a website that brings you more customers and sales. The way to do that is to not only build the website, but to concentrate on traffic - and conversion.


WordPress Skills
Business Catalyst Skills


About Me Firstly, it's not actually about me, it is about you and your customers. What can I do to help you get more customers and sell more of the things you sell? I strive to make you look your best on the Internet. I have a strong focus on customer satisfaction and quality. I create complete business solutions that consider all aspects of your requirements. I predominatly develop in WordPress to satisfy our most demanding clients system and marketing requirements.


Some of the featured work for WordPress sites and Social Media pages I've proudly and previously been a part of.


Whitford Dental


Angela Tsun


Dangoo Consulting




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Project Management

Project management would include being point of contact for website related services for 3rd Parties, managing of website content, fixes and maintenance. Organization of website content to be placed on site, and communicating regularly through email about any changes or issues with the site.

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Business Catalyst is the ultimate five (5) in one website and marketing management tool for small to medium businesses.

Services: BC Maintenance

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Wordpress is a web management software you can use to create beautiful websites or blogs, and update your website 24/7 using just a standard internet connection and browser. It is a powerful platform that is both secure and easy to use. 25% of the web runs on Wordpress, so it is a solid well known platform to use to manage your website.

Services: Wordpress Development services. Maintenance services and Hosting.

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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the art of presenting your website and other web properties in the best light; so that they appear for your preferred search terms on the highest possible placing in places like: Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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Innovative Websites – Websites that Give You “the Edge” The internet is changing all the time. So how do you keep up? Should you bother with Facebook, or Twitter, or YouTube? Or are these just passing fads, and of no real relevance to your business?

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Developer / Designer / Web Admin / Writer / Imagineer / Ninja / Knight / All Around Creative Dude